Six chicks, five dicks and a head in a box. Originally published 09/14/18


Could be the title of a porno, or a Quentin Tarantino movie. Either way, it was one of the sweetest, sexiest and most hysterical evenings I’ve ever had. But I digress. Let’s jump right into it.

Muse adores being put on display. We had been discussing how much she enjoyed serving and initially the idea started out as a small dinner party to introduce her to several of my closest long term girlfriends and then I stumbled upon THE BOX. Suddenly the conversation turned and I half jokingly said I should let them all wear strap-ons and have at my princess after she fed them all dinner. When the idea was met with enthusiasm I ended up commissioning a local friend to build my box and plans were set in place.

I sent messages out to my girls asking if they’d be interested in coming over and having dinner with us, and oh – by the way – how do you feel about strapping on a cock and using my girlfriend like a fuck doll? A good old fashioned Saturday night girly gang bang?


The idea was met with an enthusiastic yes from everyone. Seriously, no one turned me down. What kind of freak show friends do I have?!?

Unfortunately right before the 10 week drought was about to end and she was finally coming home to 2.0, we were fighting. Big time. I had almost cancelled plans with the girls but didn’t even though I told her that I had and luckily everything calmed down once we had an opportunity to talk face to face. She had no idea plans were proceeding until late morning the day of when I told her we needed to pick up food for dinner.

As several of the girls have specific dietary restrictions I cooked while she rested in our room. When she came out Foxtrot, Alpha, Tango, and Beta were already here and sitting around catching up with each other.

I’d made seared tuna steaks and rice and walked into the art room and grabbed the two compartment dog bowl I’d bought for Muse. As I was walking back into the kitchen she saw what I had in my hand and her eyes became big as saucers and she subtly shook her head no.

I addressed the room. “Ladies. I need your input on something. This I bought especially for the girl and I want you to vote. Should we make her use it this evening or should she be allowed to eat at the table with us?”

They voted unanimously for her to use the bowl. I laughed as she declared she’d been set up and I prepared her meal and set it on the living room floor after shackling her hands behind her back.

At one point in time she’d dropped a piece of tuna on the floor and Alpha told her to eat it, and she obediently complied. I must admit I was quite surprised that Alpha so enthusiastically gave such an order and I was proud of muse for not hesitating to do as she was told. (Previously there would have been a tremendous amount of posturing, backtalk and likely a tongue being stuck out.)

Before dinner was even through the ladies were eagerly asking when they were getting “the box”. Now please keep in mind I’ve known three of these women for over a dozen years and one for five or so. I specifically asked them if they wanted to be involved because they all know and are very comfortable around each other and are all a little twisted themselves, some more than others. The atmosphere was relaxed, playful and extremely comfortable.

Time for the main event.


I told our girl to strip as I wanted to demonstrate the naughty chair. It was one I’d constructed specifically for forced orgasm torture and it worked exceptionally well. I cuffed her wrists and ankles to the chair and slid the lubricated sleeve over the mini muse and proceeded to amuse them with the reactions that the changing speeds would elicit from her. After toying with her for a few minutes I let her go and led her to the box.

We locked her wrists and ankles to it and before locking her head into the hole I addressed the room.

“The rules are simple. My friends will take turns having their fun until they are through with you. I’m handing you this clicker and if you are in distress click once. If you come close to cumming however you’d better click like a mutherfucker as that is not allowed and whomever is wielding the cock will slow down or stop long enough to let you recover. Should you get tipped over the edge however; you shall be wearing a new tattoo applied with this. The noise of my stun gun filled the room as I held it up for all to see.

“Do you understand?” “Yes Daddy” she said.

Good, head down.

Alpha took her spot on the couch, watching closely. I was right beside the box keeping a close eye on muse and Beta and Tango were standing nearby. Foxtrot had geared up with the mini muse, a casting of her own cock that we’d done a few month back. (Let the “Go fuck yourself” jokes commence!) She was having issues with positioning as our girl is six feet tall so we ended up letting her head out of the box for better access. It didn’t take long for both of them to get caught up in the moment with muse enthusiastically grinding up against her own penis as the rest of us enjoyed the show. When she began clicking Foxtrot dismounted and was shortly replaced by our ninja, Beta.

Beta is the quiet one. She’s the one that sneaks up on you and you never know what to expect. Not only did Beta have her own harness; she’d bought a brand new dildo just for the occasion.

During the changing of the guard though a couple of things had happened at the prompting of Tango. She had asked if I had clothespins (which I did) and stated it was too bad I didn’t have washable markers. (Guess again – I did.) The girls proceeded to write and draw naughty things in colored marker all over the girl, much to their amusement; and I and Tango put clothes pins on her various pink parts. As much as she HATES clothespins they are extremely successful at sending her into orbit so they are a very cheap and effective addition to the toy bag. As a side note Tango is one of my former play partners and I couldn’t help but laugh as I remembered using the same exact techniques on her years prior. It was incredibly satisfying to see her taking on a much different role.

So back to Beta. She slipped behind the princess and slid into her. Immediately the girl was lost in the sensation of the clothespins on her goodies and this new cock buried inside her and Beta working it like she was born with it. The girl was bucking back against it like a porn star earning a paycheck. Suddenly the room is echoing with the frantic sounds of the dog clicker being worked at a desperate speed and the entire room cheers and howls with laughter. Beta slips out of the girl and while raising her hands above her head starts gyrating her hips to the music as the cock waves with her movement. The girls start high fiving her and I’m literally crying from laughing so hard. Poor muse can’t see all of the activity going on behind her and was simply trying to recover and continue doing all she could to keep from getting tattood with the stun gun at this point.

Cue Deadpool.


Tango LOVES masks. When we played she used to wear a piggy nose that my son (a professional mask maker) had made for her and she always referred to herself as a greedy little piggy. She was thrilled to see I still had it and wore it for a bit throughout the night but when it was her turn traded it for Deadpool.

And she decided to use my electric dildo.

This one is from my collection and has metal plating on each side. It has a setting that allows you to turn electricity on and literally feels like a tens unit, but is meant for insertion. Wrap your head around that for a second.

So Deadpool Tango takes position from behind, turning on vibration and electricity on a low setting. I grab the hitachi with attachment and come at her from the front and slip it around her cock and turn it on while removing clothespins which sends blood rushing back into the pinched parts. She is overloaded with sensation and shortly cannot hold back the powerful orgasm that had been building all night. At this point she’s yelling and fighting the restraints and I tell Tango to keep going and shortly thereafter she has a second orgasm. Her first ever multiple.She collapses in exhaustion and we carefully release her from her restraints and I help her to the sofa.

Her birthday had been a few days earlier and the girls sang Happy Birthday to her as she blew out the candles. We sat and ate cake and they thanked her for a wonderful time and hugged her tightly before they each departed.

I tucked our exhausted girl into bed shortly thereafter and she curled up on my shoulder with her binky and was soon fast asleep.

I’m sure the reactions of this post will run the gamut from amusement to shock to horror and will pretty much cover everything in between. I’m incredibly fortunately to not only be able to explore my fantasies and to be able to help my partner explore some of hers; but I’m surrounded by an amazing tribe of women whom I trust, love and adore and it’s an incredible feeling to have them not only accept me for all of my weirdness but to be willing to be a part of it as well.

I love you all.

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