Why not? Ill make it weird Pt 1. Reposted w/permission written by Daughter of Kaos 2/02/18

One of the cool things about being a submissive (Switch technically but topping is more of a service thing…I digress) to two of the most sadistic women I have ever encountered is the fact that you never quite know what’s coming down the pipe until it shows up.  

Bella has this HUGE hardon for keeping things from me until the last minute so she can watch the fear and trepidation race over me only to be met with the determination to serve in any capacity that may be required of me at the time.  Osha tends to be more direct in her approach but she prefers I know whats coming a while off so I can sit and obsess and worry over it.

The downside to our particular setup is that I have rather strict rules and I can’t lie.  Literally.  I have no idea how either of them managed to do it but I will narc myself out in a heartbeat for fear of getting caught unawares and giving away WAY too much.   One of my main rules is that the Mistress has primacy when it comes to orgasms.  Meaning she better get hers before I even think of mine.

That being said I have the mindset that, if I’m going to get in trouble, I might as well deserve what I am going to get which is usually why I run my mouth…..which I do.  

I had managed to rile Bella up really well and knew that I was in for it. I had also managed to cheat and shake hands with the pope (if you know what I mean) when I was alone and bored (remember the whole rules/I can’t lie thing?)  I honestly don’t remember what I had run my mouth for BUT Bella was coming down and I could feel it all day as she and Osha had a “Game” for me to play when she got there in response to my earlier transgression.  Note the quotes as that shit wasn’t a game and I knew it BUT what are you gonna do.

Mistress Osha had instructed me to dress nicely for Ms. Bella’s arrival; to be more specific she said slutty which is my favorite category as I get to wear stuff id NEVER wear in public.  Down-side to being trans is I am hyper-aware of my appearance and refuse to look like a train wreck.  Anyway.  I readied myself as her GPS locator went off and said she was five minutes from the house.  I was expected to kneel at the foot of our stairs and be silent until spoken to by either of them.  I wasn’t to acknowledge them just stare at the ground and meditate.

I want to take a second and acknowledge that the above paragraph sounds really sexy….and it was.  However, honest to god D/S and BDSM exists in the real world and, while I’m sure everyone would love to believe the porn version or the fifty shades of grey (Garbage) version, that ain’t what happens.  Here’s how that scenario went after I knelt next to Gauge’s crate and waited as instructed.

Bella came flying through the door with a quick “Hey” to Mistress Osha followed very hurriedly by “Wheres the bathroom I have got to pee!”.  To which Mistress Osha replied as she pointed to the bathroom next to her.  This bathroom happened to be our roommate’s bathroom and also happened to be one that I hadn’t cleaned and had been storing excess stuff in to get the den clear as our roommate wasn’t home.

To be continued….

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