Why not? Ill make it weird Pt 2. Reposted w/permission written by Daughter of Kaos 2/07/18

I realized what had happened and decided to proactively inform Mistress Osha. Bad Idea. She just looked at me incredulously and said “Thats 5 strokes for speaking out of turn. Now what is wrong?” I informed her that the upstairs was ready and that the downstairs looked like someone had been on a drinking binge that ended with them raiding Ikea and Amazon for luggage. At this point though, Bella was already in the chaos so it was too late. She had gotten into the bathroom and had to run an obstacle course just to pee which I would imagine was like watching a baby giraffe learn to walk as she is only 5’2 and the obstacles range from 6 inches to 4 feet in height.

The Red Queen emerged from the fray unscathed and flustered. She greeted Mistress Osha in her usual way and then asked why her first introduction to the house was having to run a gauntlet for a simple bodily function. “She didnt bother to tell me until it was too late. We can handle it later if your prefer as she should have said something.” Osha glared at me and I knew I was in for it.

The night progressed with dinner and drinks and finally we all retired to the secondary bedroom where I was presented with a wrapped package. I was told that I had two options;

  1. I could open the box but I was required to go through what was in it without question. If I managed to complete the task then I would be “forgiven” for my earlier mushroom slapping. I would also get the opportunity to service both of them and potentially earn myself a release as well.
  2. I could forgo what was in the box but i would spend the next two weeks wearing a chastity cage. Id like to take a minute to express how much I enjoy tease and denial but two weeks of having both of them rev me up JUST to do nothing didn’t seem fun. Reason is both Osha and Bella speak very well, they also write very well and have fiercely creative imaginations. I do too which would have made two weeks hellish.

To make matters SO much worse she had acquired an hourglass that was a minute long so I couldn’t stall. If I ran out of time it was automatically option B but with the added hell of canes and paddles.

Dont you JUST want to be me at this point?

I opened the box to find the medical enema kit (not usually that bad but wait there was more!) another hourglass and a freezer pouch.

Fair warning; it gets relatively graphic (funny) but graphic from here on so….dont bitch at me if you need brain bleach.

In said freezer pouch was a shit-ton of chile peppers and it was at this point that i started to worry. Bella informed me that she had been looking into infusing them into the enema and Osha chimed in that she had spoken to our pet ER nurse and none of what was about to happen would be fatal, just very painful.

Kink Pro Tip: If you’re going to do weird shit (which we do….a LOT) then you need to get really friendly with an ER professional. That shit is gold and has saved me SO many times.

I was told that the hourglass was 5 minutes and would only start AFTER the bag was empty.

I complied, because I cant help myself this shit is just too much fun, and was led into our master bathroom and knelt on the floor. Bella was behind me as I bent over and got set up. I felt the water start and begin to flood me completely.

Remember earlier where I said the setup was sexy but real life tends to intervene? Yea it’s about to be another one of those so if you’re just looking for spank-bank material then you may want to end here.

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