Why not? Ill make it weird Pt 2. Reposted w/permission written by Daughter of Kaos 2/09/18

I’m a firm believer that a day is not waste if you learn something. Well, during the first five seconds of what I was SURE was going to be awful I remembered two things and learned another.

  1. Capsaicin in high enough quantities, to some people, acts like a narcotic (think morphine). Capsaicin is the chemical in Chile peppers that makes it feel like your mouth is burning.
  2. Mucus membranes in your rectum are INSANELY absorbent to chemicals.

Then I learned very quickly and to my dismay that this particular concoction causes involuntary muscle spasms. Note I didn’t say cramps, I said muscle spasms. Remember where Bella was?

I told the two Harridans that had me at their mercy that this wasnt going well and, were they to keep going I didn’t know that I wasnt going to involuntarily redecorate the bathroom. To which they replied almost in unison “Deal with it”.

This was when the Capsaicin kicked in.




Luckily a seed had managed to gum up the works and clog the hose which was about the time that my ladies decided to stop and start the timer. Longest 5 minutes of my life.

As the timer expired I asked if I could get up to go take care of things (we are into some weird shit but NONE of us are INTO shit…ew.) I was granted permission and that’s where it got complicated. I knew the way to the other restroom( I didn’t want to demonize the master) but I lacked the capacity to get to it as I was higher than six kites at this point.

I was so stoned that my voice sounded weird in my own head and, as I stumbled to the guest bathroom, I may have remarked that I sounded like Optimus Prime.

I got to the bathroom and started to empty my bowels when Osha opened the door and sat down outside in the hallway. One major unavoidable and set-in-stone rule in kink is that if you incapacitate someone then you are required to keep a watch over them. Osha and Bella are amazing Dominatrices and did just that. These two motherfuckers sat in the hallway while I blew up my bathroom and cackled as all three of us had a conversation. It was at this point I began to have trouble staying on the toilet as I was too high for all my muscular structure to function correctly. I was quite literally on all four hanging on to the toilet for dear life as I didn’t want to have to clean it up after.

An hour passed and i finished up and made the stupid mistake of trying to get up. New dilemma; now my legs are asleep and, you guessed it, still very stoned!

I rose just long enough to reach my full height and fall forward as my body gave out. I rammed my skull into a sheet metal folding door and laid on the floor at their feet. I would recount the conversation but I don’t remember it so you’ll have to hope they write something about this. Needless to say that after this was over I was put straight to bed as I was useless as a human being at that point.

They spent the rest of the night hanging out and being them and I haven’t slept better.

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